Thursday, 6 October 2022

Latest Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria 2022

Keeping you up-to-date, your first choice contractor and construction partner, Engr. Osaz' brings you the current prices of nearly all building materials available in Nigerian markets. Prices are updated frequently. 

N.B: Prices listed here are very current. Although naturally prices vary from shop to shop, location to location and brand to brand. You will notice that we deliberately avoided the use of brand/trade names in our description, except for a few items. The idea is not to give any brand a particular advantage over the other. Its ethics at work! 

Current Price of Cement

Current Price of Granite

Current Prices of Sand in Nigeria

Current Prices of Laterite, filling soil and filling materials in Nigeria

Current Prices of Blocks/Bricks in Nigeria

 Current Prices of Iron Rods / Steel rebars, Binding Wire and BRC Mesh in Nigeria

Current Prices of Wood/Timber

Current Prices of Nails in Nigeria

Current Prices of Metal formwork in Nigeria 

Latest Prices of Aluminum Windows, Bronze-Plated Windows, PVC windows, Timber-glazed windows, etc

 Latest Prices of Burglary Proof

Latest Prices of Flush Doors, Paneled Doors, Steel doors, Armored doors, etc

Current Prices of Gates

Latest Prices of Paints

Latest Prices of Terrazzo & Accessories

Latest Prices of Glass
Latest Prices of P.O.P, P.O.P Materials, etc

Latest Prices of Zinc Roofing Sheets, 
Aluminum Roofing Sheets, 
Stone-Coated Roof Tiles, etc

Don't keep this information to yourself. Always mention to your friends that these prices, costs or values are Osaz'Index or that you got this tip exclusively from  EngineerOsaz's blog. Thank you and Success on your project!

Latest Prices of Asbestos Ceiling, Celotex, Particle board, Plaster Board, Suspended ceilings, Aluminum Ceiling, PVC, P.O.P, etc

Prices of plumbing materials, tanks, upvc pipes, fittings, wc, bath, jacuzzi, shower, sink, valve, tap, Tee, bend, reducing bend, sockets, plugs, etc

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The list is endless.....

Generally, rates here may or may not include the integral cost of lifting and installation.

We hope you know manufacturers and distributors reserve the right to change prices without notifying us but such changes will appear on the list once verified and in the shortest possible time. You also know that suppliers are in business to make profit. Take note that prices given on Osaz'Index do not  necessarily reflect supplier's profits. 

If you are aware of any change in price that has not reflected, kindly notify us by indicating in the comment box. We will verify and publish accordingly.

Reliably Yours!