Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Client Testify about Engr. Osaz': How A Nairaland Contractor Help Me Save 4M Naira On My On-going Project (Pics)

I am a regular visitor to Nairaland but today I decided to sign up to express my pleasure at the effort of a Nairaland Engineer to help me manage my project finance prudently. 

Some time ago, I was looking through the property section and came across a comment by a certain Engr. Osaz of Heavens Contractors Ltd (username: jeftalene). The name of the firm got me tho. I extracted his mobile no. & called his attention to my proposed project at Isheri-North GRA. 

Interestingly, he was handling a project in that area too, so he asked that we meet on site. I got there without informing him that I was around, just to do my due diligence. The workmen confirmed that the gentleman coordinating them was Engr. Osaz so I simply stayed afar off and watched. Just one young chap probably in his mid or late 20s. I almost underrated him and take my leave but on a second look, I was very pleased with the maturity at which he managed the site. No noise, no quarrels, no untoward behaviour, no bad work and I saw the speed and accuracy with which the work progressed. He didn't even notice me anyway.
Engr. Osaz' supervising an on-going building project.
PhotoCredit: Heavens, 2015

There were at least 15 workmen on the site, well kitted. He was very attentive to details and his workmen could understand him even through simple gestures. 
Before I left, I beckoned on him and introduced myself. He was very pleased to meet me. By
the way I am a Medical Doctor so dont mind my long sermon. We write a lot.

I then took him to my own site. I was going to start from the scratch and there and then he told me the foundation including german floor up to a height of 1.2m above the ground level can be completed with about 4.6M Naira using short bored piles. Short bored Piles? I have never heard that before but he sound convincing and explained how it was more stable and cheaper than Raft. 

Land is very swampy & delicate.

Curious, I asked my neighbour whose similar one-storey 4-flats building had reached parapet level how much his raft foundation of about 10-boards cost. He told me his foundation up to german floor cost him nothing less than 8M. He told me how he filled and filled and filled to acheive the level and he is not done filling yet. I also confirmed same from his Site Engineer. I even asked around and it was crazy figures everywhere!
Screenshots from the website

Then I decide to give Osaz a try. I attempted to negotiate for a downward review but he bluntly refused. 

He rejected the 'fake' Structural design an architectural firm did for me & prepared a new design at a little cost. I provided funds the next day and travelled back to my base outside Lagos.
They told me he brought in a rig, took some soil from the site for test the day after.

I asked a family member to keep an eye on the job for me as I followed him up via whatsapp. By the 2nd week, they were done with the perimeter fencework which looked like a bridge construction. By the end of the month, they were already on german floor level and it was just perfect! The piles were about 300mm diameter, 6metre deep, 57 points. They did pile caps, ground beams, etc. I didn't even know how the swamp water disappeared without filling. What an amazing tech!

The day I visited, coincidentally I met my neighbour studying the work on my own site perhaps with envy. He was pleased with the quality of work. I told him I only paid N4.6M for the foundation of the main building and 1.8M for the entire perimeter fence on my 700sqM plot. Using raft, his fence cost him some 2.5M and the whole thing is even sort of rough. He almost terminated the contract with his Engineer and wanted to immediately engage Engr. Osaz not for my intervention. 

It was later I discovered that he was a regular contributor on the construction section of Castles Property Magazine and some daily newspapers.

Thumbs up Engr. Osaz (jeftalene) of NL and your great team @Heavens Contractors Ltd for helping me save a whooping 4M Naira. That change can take care of blockwall you know.