Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Engineered PP Boards: Better than Paints and POP - Engr. Osaz’ ENOBAKHARE

Although paints on walls are aesthetically appealing especially with the right choice of colours for exterior and interior applications, they are generally less cost-effective. What about trying out a material that does not fade, rust or crack, can be customized in various colours, shades, patterns and textures, design tones even Ankara fabric designs and can protect the interior and exterior parts of a wall for more than 50 years? The new gene
ration of wall finishes is looking beyond paints, wall papers, tiles, P.O.P, Marble, etc to the world of engineered poly materials.

Consider this; the option of painting as a wall finish requires repainting after every 3-5 years depending on the type and quality of the paint. Even a layman knows that there is a negative cost implication to that, then the inconvenience and privacy issues especially for private homes. Marbles on walls require polishing from time to time usually every 7-10 years depending again on the quality of the marble. Plaster of Paris (P.O.P) is not particularly attractive without the application of paints and it has been observed to be repulsively-sensitive to telecommunication signals. 

P.O.P boards will sag and start fading in 5 years time and may begin to fall out of place few years later, in the face of thermal shocks. Doubt it, then take a look around. Tiles aren’t a better option either; they can break on impact and become dull with continuous exposure. How about wall papers? Although they are laminated, they are often irritated by stains and moisture thereby having a low life span. Stone finishes are not particularly attractive and ideal for use on certain buildings. What else?

100% water proof (or having negligible water absorption rate), all weather proof, light weight, easy to handle, fire retardant (complying to Fire Retardancy as per U/L 94, Class V2), 100% termite resistant, thermal shock resistance (-20 Deg C to +70 Deg C), corrosion proof, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, high impact strength, wind resistant, stain and fade resistant, Engineered PP; a hard hollow multi-layered board made from polypropylene (PP) is ranked on top both in durability and affordability. With a highly protective and decorative surface, these boards are very useful for wall and ceiling finishes. 

The board is composed of 3 rigid Polypropylene films, in which the central layer is thermoformed. The thermoformed layer is welded on both sides by an industrial process. They possess dimensional integrity and equal strength in both directions -transverse and longitudinal so that they do not shrink, tilt, expand, sag or rupture over a very long period of time, making it suitable to be fixed directly to block walls, brick walls and concrete walls without rendering (or plastering). It does not even require any frame work. This completely erases the cost of plastering which industry quantity surveyors put at about N600/sqM and more with increase in the building’s height.

Engineered PP boards are easy and fast to install using eco-friendly emission-free adhesives (special weather-proof glue) as up to 1000 standard units (of 500 x 500 x 40mm PP boards) can be installed by a single finisher and his assistant within 8-hour construction time. It has been observed to require close to zero maintenance, mostly cleaning and if there is a defect on any of the boards which is very unlikely, it can be easily detached and replaced by just anyone. 

That’s why a lot of buildings in Dubai and other advanced cities are now wearing Engineered PP. Experienced Designers, Contractors and Facility Managers are recommending PP to their clients, especially where the cost of maintenance is to be kept minimal. Despite its uniqueness, the cost per sqM for supply and installation of Engineered PP boards is only about N1500 per sqM! 

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