Monday, 19 December 2016

Bungalow With Penthouses: A Popular Option For The Times - Engr. Osaz’ ENOBAKHARE

You may have seen windows within a roof on some buildings and wonder how that was done. Such questions like ‘how will occupiers cope when it is raining or wont people just fall out of the window someday’ may cross your mind. Well it is only normal to think that way.  It’s a very cool concept and on top of that they come in several aesthetic design forms. Bungalows with penthouses also referred to as ‘Duplex look-alikes’ are becoming more and more visible in the Nigerian construction space at a time when recession bites hard. 

Building owners who are keen on heights, wanting a provision for a space above ground level but can’t afford the cost of a standard duplex are rapidly buying into the option of developing this type of building.

This type of building prides itself has having the advantages of both a bungalow and a duplex. Some people think of a bungalow as if it were a human figure;  a dwarf structure that do not necessarily command much respect from neighboring edifices, making it less appealing to those with a penchant for stand-tall structures.

Some others believe that a normal bungalow in a confined space (say within a high perimeter  fence and a little compound space) do not allow for sufficient air into the building and thus will readily opt for upper floors –especially for fear of Claustrophobia. Duplex look-alikes provide that much needed advantage at a lesser cost.   
A Bungalow with Penthouse 3D Design

There are others who aren’t fond of very expressive designs and simple prefer a bungalow over a duplex even with their deep pockets saying otherwise. They just want to keep it cool and simple. Duplex look-alikes still fits their interests as they can choose a duplex look-alike design that allows for only a single upper room showing out of the roof area. There are also those who see it has a having a security advantage over plain bungalows as such upper rooms can be used for spy purposes during attacks.

An added space without necessarily using up an additional land area is also an advantage over plain bungalows.

Generally, bungalows with penthouses are very suitable for development as retirement homes because it enables elderly people to move freely within spaces and climb upward occasionally to view passersby, enjoying a feeling of the outside world while staying safe indoors.

From Industry estimates, the cost of constructing duplex look-alikes presently averages 10 Million Naira using conventional methods but a standard duplex would cost about twice as much. With the advantage of cost saving comes the need for caution; it is important that constructors of such building take into cognizance the need to make special structural design provisions for the upper floor(s). Usually such provisions must be from the substructure level. In order to ensure it is constructed properly, it is very good to employ the services of professionals from start to finish.

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